The History

How many fishermen really want to give most of their money to the middle man?

The fishing industry is full of huge companies that take cheap products from overseas, jack the prices way up, and pass themselves off as experts in the process. The team here at Tight Inflatables has been around water for as long as we can remember. We know junk when we see it, but also know how to spot an opportunity. If everyone else is selling low-quality fishing boats at a very high price, it isn’t too difficult to start a business selling high-quality fishing boats that real anglers can use and love.

We started with innovation. Whitewater rafters have been using cataraft boats for years. They are more stable, lighter, and have more space than normal rafts. We designed a revolutionary, light-weight, integrated thwart raft that could be customized however you see fit. We use only the highest-quality components so that you can spend your time fishing, without giving a second thought to your gear.

What is the best fishing boat?

The best fishing boat is the one that gets you on the water. Period. And that is our number one priority.

Your fishing boat needs to be easy to transport, set up, cast off of, but most importantly, it needs to keep you safe. Some boat manufacturers claim that their boats can easily fit in the back of a truck bed, but that doesn’t help very much if it isn’t going to be safe and stable in turbulent water. You can definitely enjoy smaller, less-stable boats, but you will be limited to where you can fish.

So really, why compromise?

You can easily transport the CatPhish, on any car or truck or you can deflate it and store the boat and frames in your trunk. More importantly, you can be confident in any water that you are comfortable handling. There is no need to worry that you and your gear could be floating down the river if you hit one wave sideways. The CatPhish was designed to handle Class V whitewater. 

Which fishing boat to buy?

There are many choices to be made when deciding to invest in a fishing boat. Ultimately, the boat needs to fit as many of your fishing requirements as possible. We looked at a number of elaborate custom welded and engineered aluminum frames for our future fishing boat. After talking to anglers from all over the world we decided that the Cataraft design was the best boat for serious fishing on various lakes and rivers.

We came up with a list of requirements:

  • Versatile and able to adapt to different fishing and boating situations.
  • Commercial grade construction and still affordable for a weekend enthusiast.
  • Capable of running Class V whitewater.
  • Strong enough to handle any size angler.
  • Light weight, quick assembly and rigging, and easily transported

Our whitewater-worthy fishing frames are manufactured in Denver, CO by Down River Equipment using the best materials available in the construction: Sch 40 6061 aluminum, Hollander Speed Rail Fittings and welded bracing.

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